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Glass Wall Art

No two can ever be the same. The way the lime, potash, silica, and metals combine (like gold or indium for color) over time at high temperatures, combined with the old-style approach of  ladeling from a steel cauldron make each piece one-of-a-kind. The varied shapes containing the colorful swirls and mottling also reflects the subtle twist of the ladel and squeeze of the rollers, so no panel can ever be made just that way again. These levitate on the wall without visible hinges or holes, and are made-to-order from more than 100 color combinations.

Lee wanted to add some flash to the window in the winter, then the mantle, then the tree outside, etc.. The smaller snowflakes are reproducible in mass, but the larger ones (with more than 200 pieces) are so sensitive to heat and time that creating 2 identical ones seems unlikely. The stacked glass trees were a different experiment using thick plate glass and UV sensitive glue, and like any tree, are happier when part of a forest.  The colorful trees are fused in the kiln like the snowflakes, but seem the least seasonal as they catch the light year-round on the windowsill.     

Coming Soon:

For fun, we had a burl from Kirk’s property sliced open — the beauty was incredible!  We are now about 18 months into learning how to find, harvest, slice, dry, and finish the burls. It has been a great adventure so far, and we hope to soon share the result of this work with you too.

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