Lee Miller

Dr. Lee Miller is the artistic introvert (and the son). Decades ago Lee turned his back on art when his paintings and drawings failed to sell. Bumbling along as a logger, landscaper, and ski bum, Lee eventually recognized his experiences and passion for nature were useful in the sciences. A new phase began… scientist at the US Department of Energy… to Germany for a PhD in Geowissenschaften (Earth Science)… Postdoc at Max Planck Biogeochemistry… Research Fellowship at Harvard University. Then in 2016, Lee built a small glass workshop in their Boston rental, working to remember what his Dad had taught him decades before. The following summer, Lee and his Dad jumped into the wood business, buying highly figured wood in the Appalachian Mountains of Maryland and selling it in Boston. This was another expensive learning phase, but it funded a small wood shop in the attic. Lee approaches the vision for each piece from a physics and chemistry basis, and when he starts to create, time stops and happiness fills his heart. Lee wants to pass these feelings on, inspiring others to find this feeling too. 


kirk Miller

Kirk Miller is the extroverted engineer (and the Dad). While he would never call himself an artist, he has been creating glass works of art for more than 30 years, passing this knowledge on to Lee.  Kirk’s experience with glass in a kiln began in 2013 when an unexpected truckload of supplies arrived at his door.  Because Kirk’s glass beginnings were in stained glass, his cutting skills are exceptional, with intricate details and finishing setting his pieces apart from most others. Kirk’s property in Grantsville, MD also serves as their wood base, where the unique burls, curly, and spalted woods are collected, cut, and dried.  Kirk excels in taking Lee’s sketched designs and creating heirloom-quality pieces. When Kirk steps into his shops, he is the creative kindergartener with the hands of a master craftsman. 



You have dreams, but they seem to take forever. We understand.

You keep trying, but keep failing. We understand.

We start with truly unique materials, only pairing them with our design ideas if everything seems just right.  Sometimes disaster strikes, but sometimes the piece seems to almost drag us along. We strive to create deeply meaningful things, helping you smile not just the first time you see it, but even 20 years later. 

Yes, we love how it feels to unleash our creativity and skills. We also love that look when the right piece finds the right person. It begins with a stare… then a catch to the breath and eyes of surprise… sometimes they reach out but they never touch. A glow begins, and I feel it too. That is why.



What you’re thinking is what you’re becoming

— Muhammad Ali

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