Falling in love with humans again

I’m an introvert.  It isn’t that I don’t like you, it is simply that engaging with people I don’t know exhausts me more than sprinting for 26 miles.   As I drove from Boston to Grantsville for the annual  show at Simon Pearce, the van broke down 6 times.  Yes,

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Learning from Fear

Winning feels great, but we don’t learn much from it. Why then do we spend so much time and expend so much effort controlling as many details as we can so we don’t fail? There is a fine but fuzzy line here, as to not apply all your grit towards

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cherry burl

What is a burl?

Have you ever seen one of those wart-like growths on the side of a tree? Once upon a time, one of two things happened. Injury: Look at the trees along your street where the branches were cut off.  If the trimming happened last year there will only be slight bulges

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In the office of a tech guru

Perspective distorts everything we see. I’d just spent 5.5 hours in meetings (a new record) and was ending the flurry in the office of our company’s tech guru.  Tucked off in the corner was a very small live edge table. It seemed misplaced, but as this office didn’t even have

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Life Lessons from Legos™

At their core, Legos are standardized pieces of colored plastic.  Attend any birthday party for a kid under 12 and there will surely be a Millenium Falcon or a Saturn V rocket  or maybe just a cool monster truck. In each case, numbered bags and detailed directions allow them (often

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Why this now?

About 15 years ago, I leaned into my fear of controlling everything in my life, and bought a sailboat for $12,500. I’d never touched a sailboat before, and it returned my (intended) caress with  the ferocity of a baseball bat to the face. I’d adopted its rhythms as my own,

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